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School Traffic

Traffic around schools sites can be an issue for dropping off and picking up students, as well as for the welfare and health of students overall. Especially in a city like Los Angeles. According to the National Center for Safe Routes to Schools, in many communities most children are hit by cars near schools than any other location. There are things that parents and community members can do however, to help this. The National Center for Safe Routes to Schools recommends developing drop-off and pick-up rules for parents, conduct traffic safety trainings for students, and encourage carpooling, perhaps through incentives.

Parents and community members can also advocate safe drop off zone to local government. Safe drop zones are areas set aside for cars to go so that kids can safely exit vehicles on their way to school.

If you would like more resources, or need support in advocating for safer groups to schools in your community, please visit The National Center for Safe Routes to School at http://www.saferoutesinfo.org/.